Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Baby's 1st run-in with Texas Highway Patrol! The drive yesterday was good. Long, but good. Driving is relaxing for me-- I crank up my music, sing along, rock out, and have a pretty damn good time with myself.
I did, however, get pulled over for the first time yesterday. Ironically, a day after I was telling my parents, in response to their concerns that I drive too fast, "But I've never been pulled over!" Clearly, my good speeding karma is losing steam.
I was doing at least 80-- if not closer to 85-- on a 70 mph highway. The cop was sitting behind a van just pulling back onto the road. I knew he had to have spotted me (and yelled, "Shit! Fuck!" just for good measure). If I'd come maybe a minute earlier or later, he would have been busy either writing the van a ticket, or pulling someone else over. But my timing was perfect, and not a minute later, I found myself parked on the side of the highway.
I always thought that the first time I got pulled over, I'd cry just because I would be freaked out and scared shitless. But instead, I was just amused. It was a novel experience, and I was kind of laughing to myself about how proud Mama & Papa Lonestar would be of my firstest ticket ever. If, that is, by proud, I mean absolutely incensed.
I've been told that when I get drunk, I turn into a 60-year old retiree. Apparently, this also happens when I get pulled over. Think something like George's mother on Seinfeld. It's kind of scary. As soon as the cop leaned down to peer inside my passenger-side window, I practically yelled, "Good moooor-ning!!!"
"Texas Highway Patrol ma'am, you've been pulled over for a speeding violation. May I see your driver's license and insurance?" As he looked over my license and insurance, he asked, "Where are you travelling today?"
I mustered up my Texas accent (but softened it out a bit-- don't want to sound backwater, just like a wholesome Texas girl) and said, "Law_School_City, Law_School_State! Goin' back to law school... ironically."
This actually got a laugh out of him.
He said, "Well, I'll just write you a warning, and we'll get you back on your way."
The Retiree smiled, thanked him, and called, "Have a great day!" as he walked back to his patrol car.
Hell yeah.
You bet your ass I'm going to frame that little piece of carbon-copy paper. Baby's first warning! *tear*
It even inspired me to obey the speed limit for a whole half hour.