Monday, November 20, 2006

Recent listening
So many poets who write libretti point to Auden's libretto for Stravinsky's The Rake's Progress. I've been listening to it for weeks now, and what stands out is you can actually understand the words. There's so many nods to past opera things here -- the recitative with glockenspiel (I think). I have been showing Act I to Chris the Truthteller, who noticed -- and I think appreciated -- the dance sequence in The Summer King treatment. Operas of yore would have a dance section.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Baby's 1st run-in with Texas Highway Patrol! The drive yesterday was good. Long, but good. Driving is relaxing for me-- I crank up my music, sing along, rock out, and have a pretty damn good time with myself.
I did, however, get pulled over for the first time yesterday. Ironically, a day after I was telling my parents, in response to their concerns that I drive too fast, "But I've never been pulled over!" Clearly, my good speeding karma is losing steam.
I was doing at least 80-- if not closer to 85-- on a 70 mph highway. The cop was sitting behind a van just pulling back onto the road. I knew he had to have spotted me (and yelled, "Shit! Fuck!" just for good measure). If I'd come maybe a minute earlier or later, he would have been busy either writing the van a ticket, or pulling someone else over. But my timing was perfect, and not a minute later, I found myself parked on the side of the highway.
I always thought that the first time I got pulled over, I'd cry just because I would be freaked out and scared shitless. But instead, I was just amused. It was a novel experience, and I was kind of laughing to myself about how proud Mama & Papa Lonestar would be of my firstest ticket ever. If, that is, by proud, I mean absolutely incensed.
I've been told that when I get drunk, I turn into a 60-year old retiree. Apparently, this also happens when I get pulled over. Think something like George's mother on Seinfeld. It's kind of scary. As soon as the cop leaned down to peer inside my passenger-side window, I practically yelled, "Good moooor-ning!!!"
"Texas Highway Patrol ma'am, you've been pulled over for a speeding violation. May I see your driver's license and insurance?" As he looked over my license and insurance, he asked, "Where are you travelling today?"
I mustered up my Texas accent (but softened it out a bit-- don't want to sound backwater, just like a wholesome Texas girl) and said, "Law_School_City, Law_School_State! Goin' back to law school... ironically."
This actually got a laugh out of him.
He said, "Well, I'll just write you a warning, and we'll get you back on your way."
The Retiree smiled, thanked him, and called, "Have a great day!" as he walked back to his patrol car.
Hell yeah.
You bet your ass I'm going to frame that little piece of carbon-copy paper. Baby's first warning! *tear*
It even inspired me to obey the speed limit for a whole half hour.